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AB 1926 is a deposited brand of Berdondini

The best way to describe the style of this furniture collection is to refer to the period between 1930 and 1950, the most fruitful season of Antonio Berdondini’s artistic production.

This historical period has never been examined, in depth, nor have the aspects related to the applied arts been appreciated, the reason being the close connection with the "regime" of that time. However it is now time to consider it a "classical" period, thanks also to the rediscovery of designers such as Giò Ponti, Guglielmo Ulrich and Ico Parisi.

This "style" is currently capturing the attention of an increasing public, and so producers are now selling furniture that is more or less directly inspired by that trend.

The Berdondini Firm is also reproposing this "style" in its selection of furniture, as a possible trend in its production programme. In fact, as in the past, when the growing demand for vintage furniture (antiques) caused increasing difficulties in stock availability, and pieces which reproduced the models of the past (old styled furniture) were developed and put on sale, today the design contribution of Antonio Berdondini jr. is aimed at satisfying the increasing interest of clients in the furniture of the Thirties.

The stylistic references of Berdondini jr. are, first of all, the suggestions obtained from his grandfather’s records, and secondly, what the historian Rossana Bossaglia calls "the stately Novecento", an "allure" interpolating the rationalist lesson with the reproposal of symbolic ancient models.

The furniture typologies on show in this collection follow the path taken by research in that period in order to "modernize" tastes in middle-class home interiors: sideboards, wardrobes, writing desks, tables and armchairs. These typologies were all to be tastefully developed by Giò Ponti in his "Italian house", with the same craftsmanship working as the key feature of all his work in that period.

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