Watching their production is like participating in the creation of a work of the highest artistic craftsmanship.
Breathing in the scent of cut wood, witnessing the work of the skilled hands of the master cabinetmaker balancing the grain of the wood, and seeing to everything down to the finest detail ... I have to say that, even though I have been doing this job for years, every time I enter the carpentry workshop and watch the production of a piece of my furniture, I always get as excited as if it were the very first time.
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Antonio Berdondini

Antonio Berdondini

Passionate about furniture production since he was a child, Antonio Berdondini deals with the design and sale of furnishings for individuals and companies, with furniture designed by the most important architects and designers of our time.

Stimulated by an archive of historical furniture drawings of that period, I designed a collection of furniture that I called the AB1926 Berdondini Collection.

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After some experience in the fields of interior decoration, building and stage-designing, Antonio Berdondini combined these technical skills with the arts of representation he learned at the Tommaso Minardi School of Graphics. So in 1926 he opened his workshop, a little atelier composed of the the entrance, the understairs closet and the little yard of the house at Vicolo Bucci n.6 in Faenza.
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The books published with illustrations from the Antonio Berdondini Collections and the historical journey of the artist Ugo La Pietra


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